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Patrick McKeough is one of Canada’s top safe-money advisors. The Wall Street Journal, Forbes and The Hulbert Financial Digest have all recognized his ability to find stocks with hidden value. He is editor and publisher of The Successful Investor, Stock Pickers Digest, Wall Street Stock Forecaster and Canadian Wealth Advisor; inventor of the Quick Profit/Value System and the ValuVesting System™. A best-selling Canadian author, he wrote Riding the Bull, the book that predicted the 1990s stock-market boom.

Finding dividend stocks that are aggressive growth stocks

January 9, 2012 -  Be the first to comment
Posted by: Pat McKeough Filed in: Income Investing
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dividend stocks (stock image)

Last week, we discussed a more aggressive industrial stock with the kind of substantial dividend yield usually associated with finance or utility stocks. (View the post: How an industrial stock sustains a strong dividend yield.) Today we look at another dividend stock you could hold in the more aggressive portion of your portfolio.

Investors generally look to aggressive stocks for capital gains and to more conservative stocks, like banks and utilities, for income. Yet there are a number of aggressive stocks that also pay a regular dividend. Some even have dividend yields that are as high — or even higher — than yields on more established companies.

(An aggressive dividend-paying stock that we analyze in our Stock Pickers Digest newsletter had a remarkable rise last year—while most of the stocks in its industry were lagging. I’ll give you the details a little further on.)

A dividend is a welcome bonus in aggressive investing—but focus on quality

As with conservative dividend-paying stocks, aggressive dividend stocks offer investors a measure of security. Dividends, after all, are much more stable than earnings projections. More important, dividends are impossible to fake—either the company has the cash to pay them or it doesn’t.

However, it’s important to avoid judging a company based on the fact that it pays a dividend. Nor should you be tempted solely by a high dividend yield (the percentage you get when you divide a company’s current yearly payment by its share price).

That’s because high yield can sometimes be a danger sign rather than a bargain. For example, a dividend stock’s yield could be high simply because its share price has dropped sharply (since you use a company’s share price to calculate yield). That drop may signal coming bad news.

As well, you should always remember that while aggressive stocks hold the potential for greater gains than conservative selections, they expose you to a higher level of risk — even if they are dividend stocks.

That’s why we recommend that you look beyond dividend yield when making investment decisions, and look for dividend stocks that have established a business and have at least some history of building revenue and cash flow.

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Dividend stocks: This aggressive stock rose more than 200% for us in the past year

Trilogy Energy (symbol TET on Toronto; www.trilogyenergy.com) owns oil and gas properties in the Kaybob and Grande Prairie areas of central Alberta. About 74% of Trilogy’s production is natural gas. The remaining 26% is oil.

Trilogy continues to bring new wells into production and expects to push its average daily production to over 40,000 barrels a day in 2012. The company pays a monthly dividend of $0.035, which gives it a yield of 1.1%.

Over the course of the past year—a year in which many energy stocks sagged—the shares of Trilogy gained 210.8% for our Stock Pickers Digest readers. We will continue to update our advice on Trilogy and whether or not its shares can continue to rise.

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