Dear Pat: I appreciate all the great advice over the years. Could you please give me your opinion on Mazor Robotics Ltd. MZOR on the Nasdaq? Thank you very much.

A: Mazor Robotics (ADR), $39.80, symbol MZOR on Nasdaq (Shares outstanding: 24.0 million; Market cap: $955.2 million;, is an Israel-based company that develops and markets computerized and imaging-based systems used for spine and brain surgeries.
The company operates in the field of computer-assisted surgery that… Read More

Unilever cleans house with a major restructuring plan

Pat McKeough responds to many requests from members of his Inner Circle for advice on specific stocks, as well as questions on investment strategy and the economy. Every week, his comments and recommendations on the most intriguing questions of the past week go out to… Read More

Q: Hi Pat: What do you think about Deutsche Bank. When is the right time to buy? Also, I do not understand the rights issue it is offering. Are the rights separate shares? Thank you very much for your insights.

A: Deutsche Bank AG (ADR), $18.52, symbol DB on New York (ADRs outstanding: 2.1 billion; Market cap: $35.1 billion;, is a German global banking and financial services company with its headquarters in Frankfurt.
Deutsche Bank has been among the worst performers in the European banking… Read More

These top ETFs offer gold and silver exposure

These top ETFs offer gold and silver exposure

These funds provide access to leading miners without the costs of directly holding gold and silver as investments. 
In 2011, gold shot up to a high of $1,950 U.S. an ounce, and silver reached a peak of $48.58.
Gold prices then fell steadily, dropping to $1,050 an… Read More

Q: Pat: BioLineRx is an Israeli company working in several health areas. It seems that one or more of its initiatives will succeed (of course none might). Do you have an opinion on BioLineRX? Thanks and best wishes.

A: BioLineRx (ADR), $1.18, symbol BLRX on Nasdaq (ADRs outstanding: 59.1 million; Market cap: $69.7 million;, is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company that aims to identify, license and develop promising therapeutic medications and treatments. It’s based in Israel.
The company licenses the new drug compounds of… Read More