How to find the best dividend ETF

How to find the best dividend ETF

The best dividend ETFs can lead to high yields and add stability to your portfolio
The best dividend ETFs will practice “passive” fund management, in contrast to the “active” management that conventional mutual funds or some new ETFs provide at much higher costs.
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ETF focuses on large-cap stocks

ETF focuses on large-cap stocks

The Vanguard FTSE All-World Ex-Canada Index ETF tracks big-cap global companies in both the U.S. and emerging markets, but not Canada.
THE VANGUARD FTSE ALL-WORLD EX-CANADA INDEX ETF, (symbol VXC on Toronto; aims to track the FTSE Global All Cap ex Canada China A Inclusion… Read More

Your guide to tax-free savings accounts

Your guide to tax-free savings accounts

Tax free savings accounts let you earn investment income tax free. Make sure you’re getting the most profit and tax benefits from your TFSA.
The federal government first made the tax free savings account (TFSA) available to investors in January 2009. These accounts let you earn… Read More

Dear Pat and team: I have a numbered company, with equity holdings I must sell off over four years. My accountant has advised me to sell roughly 25% of the value of its equities each year, for the next four years. Could you recommend which ones to sell in what order to account for about 25% of the total value each year? Here’s the list:

CI Canadian Bond Fund

 $ 31,286

CI Canadian Equity

 $ 73,406

CI Corporate Bond

 $ 37,783

iShares Cdn S&P/TSX60

 $ 22,640


 $ 22,640

BCE Inc.

 $ 7,592


 $ 6,783

WestJet Airlines

 $ 12,090


 $ 3,489

TOTAL Investments

 $ 217,710

A: We don’t generally recommend that investors hold mutual funds, mostly because of their higher fees.
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