This stalwart has long-term appeal

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BCE continues to invest heavily in its networks. Those improvements have helped the company attract more high-speed Internet customers. They’ve also helped BCE add more wireless subscribers as an increasing number of Canadian households give up their landlines.
The company’s upcoming $3.9 billion acquisition of… Read More

TransCanada; high TSI Dividend Sustainability

 Recently, TSI Dividend Advisor reported on TransCanada’s completed acquisition of U.S.-based Columbia Pipeline Group. Combined with other projects underway, Columbia’s operations have spurred the company’s revenue and earnings, and should  give TransCanada more cash for dividends.

TRANSCANADA CORP. $61 (Toronto symbol TRP; Income-Growth Dividend Payer… Read More

How to find the best dividend ETF

How to find the best dividend ETF

The best dividend ETF can lead to high yields and add stability to your portfolio
The best dividend ETF will practice “passive” fund management, in contrast to the “active” management that conventional mutual funds or some new ETFs provide at much higher costs.
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Strong Sustainability for Pfizer dividend

For our December issue of TSI Dividend Advisor we reported on Pfizer’s research spending and recent acquisitions. They will contribute significantly to its future growth.

PFIZER INC. $31 (New York symbol PFE; Income Portfolio, Manufacturing & Industry sector; Shares o/s: 6.1 billion; Market cap: $189.1 billion;… Read More

What do playing the stock market and chess have in common?

Successfully playing the stock market—like chess—is never about going for broke.

Many investors like to use analogies from sports or the military to describe their investment approach, so they’ll often use the phrase playing the stock market. But if I had to compare our… Read More

The Ins and Outs of Capital Gains Tax for Investors

The Ins and Outs of Capital Gains Tax for Investors

Capital gains occur when an investor sells an asset. To calculate capital gains, the total of the adjusted cost base (ACB) is subtracted from the proceeds of the sale. The adjusted cost base of the shares is equal to the cost of the shares plus… Read More