How to cut your risk in solar power stocks

How to cut your risk in solar power stocks

Solar power stocks have come a long way, but they expose investors to unique risks.

The attraction of solar power stocks is obvious—it offers a source of clean, endlessly renewable energy that has the potential to replace fossil fuels like oil, coal and… Read More

Determining how much to save for your retirement

Determining how much to save for your retirement

How much to save for retirement depends on the type of lifestyle you’re aiming for 
How much to save for retirement varies for each investor. A fulfilling retirement is not simply a matter of accumulating sufficient wealth to give you peace of mind. It is equally… Read More

Dividend Advisor Hotline – Friday, March 24, 2017

Dear client,
BROADRIDGE FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS INC., $67.76, New York symbol BR, serves the investment industry in three main areas: investor communications, securities processing and transaction clearing.
Investor communications makes up 72% of Broadridge’s revenue. Securities processing and transaction clearing make up the remaining 28%.
With the October 2016… Read More

Strong Sustainability for Pfizer dividend

For our December issue of TSI Dividend Advisor we reported on Pfizer’s research spending and recent acquisitions. They will contribute significantly to its future growth.

PFIZER INC. $31 (New York symbol PFE; Income Portfolio, Manufacturing & Industry sector; Shares o/s: 6.1 billion; Market cap: $189.1 billion;… Read More

TransCanada; high TSI Dividend Sustainability

 Recently, TSI Dividend Advisor reported on TransCanada’s completed acquisition of U.S.-based Columbia Pipeline Group. Combined with other projects underway, Columbia’s operations have spurred the company’s revenue and earnings, and should  give TransCanada more cash for dividends.

TRANSCANADA CORP. $61 (Toronto symbol TRP; Income-Growth Dividend Payer… Read More