Q: Dear Pat: Are you familiar with “Desktop Metal?” It’s a private company that Alphabet has apparently invested in. I know it is risky at the present time, but I wonder if you are monitoring this new enterprise for future consideration if it does go public.

A: Alphabet Inc., $942.90, (Nasdaq symbols GOOG [class C non-voting] and $961.81, GOOGL [class A voting], Shares outstanding: 640.7 million; Market cap: $658.8 billion, www.abc.xyz), has been one of our top tech buys of the past few years. In addition, it is our top Aggressive… Read More

Q: Pat: With the increased demand for electric vehicles and the need for lithium batteries, will the price of cobalt spike? Also, what do you think about the upcoming Cobalt 27 IPO? Thank you.

A: The battery industry currently uses 42% of global cobalt production, a critical metal for lithium-ion electric vehicle batteries. The remaining 58% is used in diverse industrial and military applications (super alloys, catalysts, magnets, pigments, and so on) that rely exclusively on the material.
About 97%… Read More

Q: Pat: What is your analysis of Glaukos Corp.? It was a new issue in 2015, and I know you don’t like those. Thank you; I appreciate any advice you can provide.

A: Glaukos Corporation, $46.65, symbol GKOS on NYSE (Shares outstanding: 34.3 million; Market cap: $1.6 billion; www.glaukos.com) first offered shares to the public in June 2015 at $18 per share; the share price rose 73.4% in its first day of trading.
Glaukos develops and markets medical… Read More

Investing in REITs

Investing in REITs

A REIT is also known as real estate investment trust. Investing in REITs lets you hold income-producing real estate such as office buildings, shopping malls and hotels.

REITs can save you the cost, work and risk of owning investment property yourself.

Owning rental properties can be profitable—but… Read More