The time to invest in Canadian oil stocks is now—or is it?

The time to invest in Canadian oil stocks is now—or is it?

Resist the urge to go overboard in Canadian oil stocks—but especially in junior oils, futures or options.
We think most investors should invest a portion of their portfolios in the resources sector—and that includes Canadian oil stocks. But if you do invest in those stocks, resist… Read More

When an ETF investment is the right choice

An ETF investment can be a great low-fee way to hold shares in multiple companies with a single investment

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Trading ETFs can just make dumb moves cheaper

Trading ETFs can work just as well in facilitating dumb moves as it does with smart moves.

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Cenovus keeps focus on expanding production in oil sands

Oil prices have soared from around $18 U.S. a barrel in 1993 to around $97 U.S. today. However, new drilling technologies have made it easier to extract oil from hard-to-reach deposits, such as oil sands and shale rock formations. Rising production from these sources could… Read More