Our favourite oils

We focus on oil companies with large reserves that generate dependable cash flows. We also prefer stocks that mainly operate in politically stable areas, particularly North America.

This approach has paid off, as two of our favourite oil stocks have largely escaped the current turmoil… Read More

Egyptian turmoil highlights this oil stock’s potential

Canada’s oil sands continue to face strong opposition from environmentalists. That’s mainly because the process of recovering heavy oil from the oil sands produces higher carbon emissions than conventional sources.

However, new technology has let oil stocks cut way down on their oil-sands emissions. As… Read More

Win from China’s spending spree on crude oil stocks

China Investment Corp. (CIC) continues to catch investors’ attention by making a number of big purchases in the resource sector, including crude oil stocks. CIC is the Chinese government’s “sovereign wealth fund.”

Sovereign wealth funds have been around since the 1950s. They are state-owned investment… Read More

How to spot the best Canadian oil stocks

Oil prices fell from their July 2008 peak of $148 U.S. a barrel to just under $40 U.S. in February 2009. Prices have roughly doubled since then, and oil now trades at about $84 U.S. a barrel.

We think oil prices could rise even further if… Read More

This Canadian oil stock’s looking to tap into Iraqi oil

Iraq’s instability has weighed heavily on its oil exports. That’s caused many oil companies, including some Canadian oil stocks, to hold off on investing in the country.

However, the situation has presented some real bargains for foreign firms willing to take larger interests in Iraq… Read More