This Canadian oil stock’s looking to tap into Iraqi oil

Iraq’s instability has weighed heavily on its oil exports. That’s caused many oil companies, including some Canadian oil stocks, to hold off on investing in the country.

However, the situation has presented some real bargains for foreign firms willing to take larger interests in Iraq… Read More

How one big idea can hurt your portfolio investing results

At Successful Investor Wealth Management, we sometimes get questions from investors who are looking for one great stock pick, or one big idea, that can quickly make them rich.

Beginning investors often start their portfolio investing with these types of ideas. Some aim to stumble… Read More

Imperial is still our top oil stock

Oil prices are rising again, but it’s unlikely they will soon match or exceed the record highs they hit in 2008. Over the long-term, we feel the best way for conservative investors to profit from volatile energy prices is with integrated oil producers like Imperial… Read More

The Aggressive Investor

Today many investors assume the price of oil is bound to keep rising indefinitely. Mostly they base that view on the potential for increased car ownership in India, China and other newly industrializing countries.

To top it off, they assume that all the world’s great oil… Read More

Chevron Corp. $94 – New York symbol CVX

CHEVRON CORP. $94 (New York symbol CVX; Conservative Growth Portfolio, Resources sector; Shares outstanding: 2.1 billion; Market cap: $197.4 billion; WSSF Rating: Above average) has gained just 24% since January 2008. Oil is up 40% since then.

In general, oil stocks have lagged because oil prices… Read More