Energy stock investments: 5 tips for making the best picks

Energy stock investments: 5 tips for making the best picks

If you want to make the best energy stock investments, you need to read this advice
Most investors who are looking at energy stock investments would likely think of oil and gas first. But energy stocks can also include green energy, power from renewable resources like… Read More

A Yield to Caution

A&W REVENUE ROYALTIES INCOME FUND $35.65 (Toronto symbol AW.UN; Units outstanding: 12.1 million; Market cap: $431.4 million; Dividend yield: 4.5%; www. holds A&W trademarks used by A&W restaurants in Canada. It licenses those trademarks to A&W Food Services of Canada Inc. in exchange for… Read More

This royalty trust’s payout should stay high

On January 1, 2011, Ottawa will impose a tax on distributions of income trusts and royalty trusts. (Royalty trusts are a form of income trust. They profit from royalties associated with the sale of oil, natural gas or minerals.) The new tax will put income… Read More

Steady production supports high payout

PENGROWTH ENERGY TRUST $11 (Toronto symbol PGF.UN; Aggressive Growth Portfolio, Resources sector; Units outstanding: 291.3 million; Market cap: $3.2 billion; Price-to-sales ratio: 2.1; Dividend yield: 7.6%; SI Rating: Average) is one of North America’s largest energy royalty trusts. Its main properties are in Alberta, B.C…. Read More

Three stable oil and gas trusts to buy now

These three royalty trusts have seen their revenue and cash flow fall because of lower oil and natural-gas prices. Nevertheless, with their reasonable debt and low payout ratios, all three are well positioned to withstand these lower prices — and to prosper when oil and… Read More

High income at reasonable risk

Low oil and natural gas prices have prompted Pengrowth to lower production and cut its distributions. However, these moves put the trust in a strong position to quickly increase cash flow and distributions when prices rebound. As well, Pengrowth’s reasonable debt should let it take… Read More