Ins and outs of investing in silver mining stocks

Ins and outs of investing in silver mining stocks

Silver mining stocks and silver ETFs are a better way to invest in the precious metal than silver bullion.

Silver is sometimes known as “poor man’s gold,” because silver attracts a lot of interest as gold prices reach levels that seem too expensive for… Read More

International ETFs offer rewards—but risk to match

International ETFs offer rewards—but risk to match

Successful investing in international ETFs has a lot to do with understanding the economies of the countries you invest in.

We think conservative investors could hold up to 10% of their portfolios in foreign stocks (outside of the U.S.). One way to do that… Read More

When an ETF investment is the right choice

An ETF investment can be a great low-fee way to hold shares in multiple companies with a single investment

Is an exchange traded fund investment right for your portfolio? An ETF investment is one of the most popular and most benign investing… Read More

Six ETFs that track the major indexes

Exchange traded funds (ETFs) are set up to mirror the performance of a stock market index or sub-index. They hold a more or less fixed selection of securities that represent the holdings that go into the calculation of the index or sub-index.

ETFs trade on… Read More

Tap into the global stock market in 3 easy ways

Profiting from the global stock market has never been easier for investors

High-quality stocks in the global stock market are a great way to diversify your portfolio. Moreover, many emerging markets, like China and India, have strong growth prospects. That’s because their population… Read More

3 things top stock brokers never do

Top stock brokers and portfolio managers provide you with ethical and conflict-free advice—and here are three things they won’t do.
A good stock broker (the brokerage industry typically prefers the term “investment advisor”) can provide a cost-effective way to manage your… Read More