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Patrick McKeough is one of Canada’s top safe-money advisors. The Wall Street Journal, Forbes and The Hulbert Financial Digest have all recognized his ability to find stocks with hidden value. He is editor and publisher of The Successful Investor, Stock Pickers Digest, Wall Street Stock Forecaster and Canadian Wealth Advisor; inventor of the Quick Profit/Value System and the ValuVesting System™. A best-selling Canadian author, he wrote Riding the Bull, the book that predicted the 1990s stock-market boom.


formerly Toronto symbol TER, distributes natural gas in B.C. It also provides consulting and engineering services. The company is now owned by Fortis Inc.

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BOMBARDIER INC. (Toronto symbols BBD.A $4.82 and BBD.B $4.79; Aggressive Growth Portfolio, Manufacturing & Industry sector; Shares outstanding: 1.7 billion; Market cap: $8.2 billion; SI Rating: Extra risk) estimates that demand for business jets will rise roughly 75% over the next decade, based on order backlogs and growing orders from international customers. Demand for regional jets is also improving, particularly …read more »

FORTIS INC. $27 (Toronto symbol FTS; Conservative Growth Portfolio, Utilities sector; Shares outstanding: 104.9 million; Market cap: $2.8 billion; SI Rating: Above average) operates electrical power plants in Atlantic Canada, Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia. It also invests in power utilities in the United States and the Caribbean region, and owns hotels and commercial real estate.

In 2006, the company earned …read more »

The move to deregulate electricity markets in the past decade has spurred many utilities to sell their power on the open market, instead of at predetermined rates. While that helps their growth, it also increases volatility.

Here are three utilities that prefer regulation, since it helps guarantee their profits. Operating in regulated markets also helps keep out competitors, and gives them …read more »

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