Q: Dear Patrick: I would be grateful for your opinion on Chicago Bridge & Iron. The company’s stock is way down but I have been told that it has a new and inexpensive revolutionary (and clean) method of producing energy from natural gas and is in the process of building power stations to use it. Many thanks for your advice, as usual. Joining the Successful Investor was the smartest move in the whole of my investing career.

A: Chicago Bridge & Iron N.V., $14.68, symbol CBI on New York (Shares outstanding: 101.2 million; Market cap: $1.4 billion, www.cbi.com), is a U.S.-based engineering, procurement and construction company. It specializes in projects for oil and gas firms.

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Food makers adjust to changing tastes

Consumers continue to shift to healthier foods, and these four leading food makers are quickly adapting.
Each company now makes more products with low sugar and salt, and all four have cut their costs.
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Blue Chip Stocks: Intel’s shift to new markets pays off

Blue Chip Stocks: Intel’s shift to new markets pays off

The company has now applied its chip-making expertise to faster-growing fields, with earnings jumping more than 15% in the last fiscal year.
INTEL CORP. (Nasdaq symbol INTC; www.intel.com) is the world’s leading maker of computer chips: its products power 80% of all personal computers. The company… Read More