Great companies think alike

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A key part of our three-part investment approach is to stick with well-established, dividend-paying companies. (The other two parts are to spread your money out across the five main economic sectors, and downplay stocks in the broker/public-relations limelight.) Most well-established companies have built up strong reputations that can help them overcome the inevitable downturns. Their trusted brands also make it easier for them to launch new products, or expand into new markets. Heinz and Campbell Soup are two good examples. Both companies began operating in 1869. Together, they own some of the best-known brands in the food industry. Their strong brands are helping them enter fast-growing markets, such as China, India and Russia. As well, both companies are introducing healthier products to spur sales in developed countries. H.J. HEINZ CO. $49 (New York symbol HNZ; Income Portfolio, Consumer sector; Shares outstanding: 318.3 million; Market cap: $15.6 billion; Price-to-sales ratio: 1.5; Dividend yield: 3.7%; WSSF Rating: Above Average) makes a wide…

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