Douglas Iwamoto

Doug is a Portfolio Manager with Successful Investor Wealth Management Inc. He has over 25 years of experience in the investment industry. Doug held progressively senior roles in finance, operations, compliance and investment research at two of Canada’s largest mutual fund companies before joining Successful Investor Wealth Management in 2002. A CFA charter holder since 1992, Doug is also a professional accountant, holding the CPA, CMA designation.

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Be wary of growth by acquisition

Growth by acquisition is inherently riskier than internal growth, since it carries an above-average chance of unpleasant surprises. That’s because a buyer of something rarely knows as much about it as the seller. If you make enough acquisitions, you are bound to… Read More

We use sector diversity to cut risk

One of our keys to successfully investing a client’s portfolio is to make sure their holdings are spread out across most if not all of the five main economic sectors—Resources & Commodities, Manufacturing & Industry, Consumer, Finance and Utilities.
That way, they avoid overloading themselves with… Read More

Why “averaging down” to buy stocks can be a bad bargain

Every Wednesday, we publish our “Investor Toolkit” series on TSI Network. Whether you’re a beginning or experienced investor, these weekly updates are designed to give you specific investment advice. Each Investor Toolkit update gives you a fundamental piece of investing strategy, and shows you how… Read More