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New 2016 Free Report: Our Complete Guide to Investing in ETFs: Best Canadian ETFs: Canadian ETFs vs Mutual funds, Canadian Index Funds and More

Best Canadian ETFs

Today we release a new report—our guide to investing in ETFs.  To make the most of ETFs today, you need to know the important difference between the newer ETFs and the original ETFs—to “keep it simple” in other words. That’s why our special report on ETFs is essential reading. The report is ready to download. Just click on Best Canadian ETFs: Canadian ETFs vs Mutual funds, Canadian Index Funds and More to get your free copy now.

Keep it simple. That is the surest way to invest in exchange-traded funds (ETFs). The easier an investment is to explain and understand, the less likely it is to have hidden risks and costs that can only work against you. To make the difference in ETFs as clear as possible, we have put together the complete guide to ETFs for Canadian investors.

In this report, we show you how to use the best ETFs for a balanced, conservative portfolio.

You’ll discover these 4 important keys to making the most of ETFs:

  1. ETFs vs. mutual funds
    Many may think that mutual funds and ETFs are more or less interchangeable investments. Yet we look at ETFs as “highly efficient mutual funds.” We tell you why.

  2. Why simpler is better with ETFs
    Beware more complex ETFs. We explain what happens when the investment industry can’t leave well enough alone, and turns a simple investment into a much more complicated one—to the greater profit of the industry, not investors.

  3. Where ETFs fit into your retirement accounts
    Our free report tells you where and how ETFs fit into your retirement accounts—when they may be more suitable for your TFSA and how that differs from how you use ETFs in your RRSP.

  4. What you need to know before you buy ETFs
    We believe the right ETFs are a sound investment for many investors. But you have to know what you’re getting for your money. A special section of our report clearly states the advantages of ETFs, and some of the drawbacks you may run into.

You will have all the knowledge you need about exchange-traded funds at your fingertips. And you get 11 of our best buys among ETFs, including the two Canadian ETFs that top our list.

This exclusive report is yours FREE as my “thank you” for signing up for TSI Wealth Daily.  

To get our full report on the best buys of tax-loss selling season, you can download Best Canadian ETFs: Canadian ETFs vs Mutual funds, Canadian Index Funds and More.

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