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If you’re a member of our Inner Circle service or a subscriber to one of our newsletters—or if you’re thinking of becoming a subscriber—you’ll want to make sure you “like” our Facebook page right away.

That’s because, every Wednesday afternoon, you learn “what’s on Pat’s mind”. That’s when Pat gives you a special advance preview of what he’s working on for the upcoming issue of his newsletters (The Successful Investor, Stock Pickers Digest, Canadian Wealth Advisor and Wall Street Stock Forecaster). We send a new issue to Inner Circle members and newsletter subscribers every Friday.

If you haven’t yet visited the page — — you really should. Nearly 500 investors now follow our Facebook page.

A range of FREE benefits for all investors

If you’re not a paid subscriber to our newsletters, don’t worry. Our TSI Network Facebook page is full of additional FREE special benefits that nicely complement your free TSI Network Daily Updates. These include:

  1. Our free special report, available only on our Facebook page: “Case Study: How Picked 5 Takeover Stocks in 11 Weeks.” When you indicate that you “like” our Facebook page, you can download this free report by clicking on the “Special Report” link on the left side of the page.
  2. Notification of new free reports: So far, Pat has written 7 free reports for users of TSI Network. He just released his latest report: “Mining Stocks: How to Spot the Best Uranium Stocks, Metal Stocks and Junior Mines.” Other recent free reports include “Stock Market Investing Strategy: Pat McKeough’s Conservative Investing Guide for Making Money & Cutting Risk,” and “Copper Mining: How to Choose the Best Copper Stocks and ETFs to Profit from the Reconstruction of Japan.”

    More of these free reports are now in the works. When you “like” our Facebook page, you’ll be immediately notified when we release any new free reports. In addition, our Facebook page’s free reports section contains all of the reports we’ve written so far, so you can easily download and act on them whenever you like.
  3. The ability to share your thoughts with Pat and other investors through our Facebook page’s discussion boards. Our discussion boards let you discuss today’s most important financial issues with friends and other investors, including Pat and his investment team. You also get to read other investors’ responses.

    Once you’ve “liked” our page, you can participate in the discussion boards by clicking on the “Discussions” link on the left side of our Facebook page. That will bring up our main discussion page. You can participate in one of our ongoing discussions by clicking on the discussion of your choice, or you can start a new discussion by clicking the “Start New Topic” button on the upper right side of the page.

    Be sure to take part in our newest discussion: “Now that a couple of weeks have passed since the election, what do you think of Canada’s economic outlook under the new Conservative majority and NDP opposition?”
  4. The opportunity to add your comments to any articles, photos or videos we post on our Facebook page.
  5. The most popular daily updates from TSI Network.

How to get the most benefits from our Facebook page

You can view everything we put on our Facebook page by clicking here. However, to get the most out of this service, you need to have a Facebook account and indicate that you “like” our page.

If you’re not yet a member of Facebook, go to the Facebook home page at and follow the step-by-step instructions to set up your account. Next, log in and go to the TSI Network Facebook page. Then, click on the “Like” button next to the page’s title (TSI Network). It’s the square button with the “thumbs up” symbol near the top of the page.

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If you enjoy what we do at TSI Network, we’d encourage you to share our Facebook page with your friends and family.

Here’s how: Log into Facebook and go to the TSI Network page. Then, click the “Share” link on the lower left side of the screen. This will bring up a box containing our TSI Network Facebook profile. You can then post it to your “wall,” where your friends will be able to view it, by clicking “Share.” Or you can share the page by sending it to your friends as a message instead.

You can also respond to or share individual posts by clicking on the “Like,” “Comment,” or “Share” links under each individual post on our Facebook page. Any of these actions will prompt the post to show up on your wall for your friends to read, comment and act on.

We hope you enjoy and profit from our TSI Network Facebook page.


  • Hi Pat,
    Love your daily messages, HATE that you put us in the position of having to join facebook in order to receive additional useful information.
    Please consider an alternate delivery system.
    Cheers, Stan

  • Desmond

    No Matter how much I try I still can’t find the newsletter. How tragic that you must use a social network to have your members kept up to date.

    I don’t want any personal info flying around space so that the BOZOS of the world have access.

    This might be good for business but there must be a way to allow me access your letters without the world knowing I do. Show some responsibility.

  • Hi Stan and Des,

    To interact with our Facebook page, you must have a Facebook account and like the page. However, you can still view all the information on our Facebook page, as well as download the free reports, without sharing any personal information with Facebook. When you visit TSI Network home page, just click on the Facebook icon on the right side of your screen to view all the information. You won’t be required to log in to Facebook, and you won’t have to divulge any personal information.


    Alex Conde
    Online Editor
    TSI Network

  • Hi Des,

    I also wanted to respond to the difficulties you mentioned in finding the newsletters on our site.

    If you click on the “Membership” tab on the top menu, you will then be taken to a sub menu that has a tab named “Newsletter Back Issues”. If you click that tab, you will see the back issues of the newsletters.

    You can also click directly on this link to be taken to that location:


    Alex Conde
    Online Editor
    TSI Network

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