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Compton Petroleum $11.69 – Toronto symbol CMT

COMPTON PETROLEUM $11.69 (Toronto symbol CMT; SI Rating: Speculative) (403-237-9400;; Shares outstanding: 128.2 million; Market cap: $1.5 billion) produces oil and natural gas in Alberta.

In the three months ended September 30, 2006, Compton’s revenue fell 13.9%, to $124.9 million from $145.1 million. Cash flow per share fell 19%, to $0.47 from $0.58.

Compton’s average daily production rose 13.1% in the latest quarter, to 32,843 barrels of oil equivalent from 29,041 barrels. Production is weighted 28% toward crude oil and liquids and 72% natural gas.

In the quarter, the company’s average realized price for oil was $63.96 U.S. and $5.41 U.S. for gas.

Compton’s debt of $781.9 million is high at approximately 105% of shareholders’ equity or just over 3.3 times annual cash flow. The stock now trades for 6.2 times cash flow.

Compton Petroleum is a hold.

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