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AIC DIVERSIFIED CANADA FUND $46.74 (CWA Rating: Conservative) mainly holds shares of Canadian companies of average or above-average quality. It also holds stocks of some U.S. firms.

The $1.7 billion fund’s 10 largest holdings are Power Financial, Canadian Oil Sands Trust, TD Bank, Shoppers Drug Mart, Loblaw, Thomson Corp., Brookfield Asset Management, Royal Bank, Manulife Financial and Royal Bank of Scotland. The fund holds just 23 stocks.

The fund holds 47.8% of its assets in Financial services stocks. The rest of the portfolio breaks down as follows: Consumer staples, 19.4%; Energy, 8.6%; Consumer discretionary, 7.6%; and Health care, 5.5%.

Over the last year, the S&P/TSX Index gained 20.6%, mainly due to strength in Resource sector stocks. The fund made 14.0%. Its MER is 2.46%.

AIC Diversified Canada is a buy

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