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Fidelity Focus Consumer Industries Fund $17.49

FIDELITY FOCUS CONSUMER INDUSTRIES FUND $17.49 (CWA Rating: Aggressive) (Fidelity Investments Canada, 483 Bay St., Suite 200, Toronto, Ont. M5G 2N7. 1-800-263-4077; Web site: Load fund — available from brokers) invests mainly in U.S. consumer goods and services companies. Consumer spending is a key part of the U.S. economy, accounting for approximately two-thirds of activity.

Fidelity Focus Consumer Industries Fund’s top holdings include Procter & Gamble, Nestle SA, Tesco, CVS Caremark, Toyota Motor, British American Tobacco, PepsiCo, Philips Electronics, Comcast Corp. and Sony.

The $8.4 million fund is broken down by industry as follows: 9.6% in Media, 12.6% in Food products, 8.6% in Household products, 10.1% in Food & staples retailing and 9.2% in Automobiles.

Geographically, the fund holds 39.9% of its assets in the U.S., 16.4% in the UK, 10.5% in Japan, 7.1% in Switzerland, 6.1% in Germany, 4.3% in France, 3.2% in the Netherlands and 2.6% in South Korea.

The fund’s one-year gain in Canadian dollars is 8.9%. The S&P 500 gained 4.0% in Canadian funds over the same period. The fund’s MER is 2.78%.

Fidelity Focus Consumer Industries Fund is a buy.

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