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iShares CDN Largecap 60 Index Fund $68.83 – Toronto symbol XIU

ISHARES CDN LARGECAP 60 INDEX FUND $68.83 (Toronto symbol XIU; buy or sell through a broker) (formerly called iUnits S&P/TSX 60 Index Participation Fund) is a good low-fee way to buy the top stocks on the TSE. The units hold a basket of stocks that represent the S&P/TSX 60 Index. The index is made up of the 60 largest and most heavily traded stocks on the TSE.

Most of the 60 stocks in the index are good quality companies. However, to meet the requirement that all sectors are represented, the index holds a few firms we wouldn’t include, such as Abitibi-Consolidated, Quebecor World and Rogers Communcations.

The index’s top holdings are: Royal Bank, 6.4%; Manulife, 6.1%; EnCana Corporation, 5.2%; Bank of Nova Scotia, 4.8%; TD Bank, 4.8%; Suncor Energy, 4.8%; Canadian Natural Resources, 3.9%; Bank of Montreal, 3.4%; Barrick Gold, 3.2%; Petro-Canada, 3%; CIBC, 3%; Sun Life Financial, 2.9%; and Canadian National Railway, 2.9%.

Expenses on the units are just 0.17% of assets. The shares trade on the TSX, just like stocks. Prices are quoted daily in newspaper stock tables. You’ll have to pay brokerage commissions to buy and sell the units, although you’ll quickly make that back by paying lower management fees.

Like most index funds, the iShares CDN LargeCap 60 units only add or remove shares from the fund when the underlying index changes. This low turnover is more tax efficient for investors. You won’t incur the regular capital gains bills from annual distributions made by most conventional mutual funds.

iShares CDN LargeCap 60 units are a buy.

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