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  • Andrew 

    I’ve tried different sources of information to locate speculative stocks marketing minerals, resources, processes, equipment or technology, with mixed results. One has more than tripled, two have made a healthy profit, one is in low positive territory, three more are worth much less, and one stopped trading (total loss).

    The amount of each stock is less than a percent of the total portfolio and about a quarter of my normal investment, though each does represent a healthy amount that was hard earned.

    The sources of the wins have been specialist advisories that could have been compensated or influenced to promote those stocks.

    The losses have actually been TSX Venture 50 performance winners from previous years. C’est la vie.

    The silver lining is that many of those laggers are in the energy and resource sectors, so the performance is cyclical and resultant on the current market conditions. I am trusting in a turnaround eventually, though I am not confident enough to add to those positions. They are like acorns I hope will grow into oaks for my retirement. Plant once, harvest once, unless you consider harvesting more acorns….

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