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  • John Everard 

    I have purchased three oil and gas stocks two years ago thinking I was so smart to buy when oil prices low and would make a quick buck as the price increased and get out. Alliance Coal (ARLP), Birchcliffe Energy (BIR) and a Blackrock oil and gas ETF. Sold all three at a loss this year and invested in AT&T and Verison. They were all small investments. Every once in a while I think the stock market is Las Vegas and I can hit the jackpot. Alas, I guess I’ll have to get my excitement somewhere else during this pandemic.

    • TSI Editorial Team 

      Thanks for your comment. Hang in there: We believe high-quality oil and gas stocks will rebound from the COVID-19 economic shutdown and climb new heights.

  • I agree with your five recommendations for if you saved all your life by buying and holding solid stocks why would you stop now in retirement. One of your largest expenses in retirement will be taxes because over the years you will have accumulated a lot of money if you have invested wisely and in retirement your costs may not be as high as you won’t be driving to work every day but you may take a few outlay’s togo on the odd trip now and then so just keep on investing and relax. You don’t have to worry with solid stocks as ever if they go up or down you still collect your dividends and if they go down it is a chance to accumulate more.

  • Richard 

    As a long time subscriber to TSI and a member of the Inner Circle I have enjoyed decent gains in my portfolio. Retired and closing in on 74, I am thankful to have come across this site years ago and encourage others to subscribe. There is one drawback. As a self-directed Investor using a well known bank investment services wrap account I pay low fees but don’t enjoy having someone else assist me in going forward. At some point I feel that I will need the assistance in managing this healthy portfolio and this is a problem for me due to my location and current global Covid conditions.

  • Terence 

    Generally good advice. However, I do take issue with your ongoing recommendation to avoid options. I agree completely to never BUY an option, since, as you mentioned, it will expire. However, SELLING an option, especially a put option on a stock that you would like to own anyway seems like a reasonable bet especially if it expires unexercised. Free money in some cases. I have also had put options exercised (usually at 10-20% below what I would have paid if I had gone long initially) then the underlying stock has recovered and has turned into a winner. I only use put options on high quality blue chips at a minimum of 10% below current value with a maximum expiry of 90 days.

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