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Special Edition: Our stock investment advice on how Successful Investors can cash in on Japan’s reconstruction

The Money Game, a 1968 mega bestseller about investing, was an eye-opener for a generation of investors, myself included. The author, George Goodman, wrote under the pseudonym Adam Smith. It takes a lot of chutzpah for a writer to name himself after the 18th century Scottish father of modern economics, but Goodman/Smith pulls it off.

In his book, Smith introduced a number of key investing concepts that go to the heart of our Successful Investor stock investment advice. Smith has a genius for encapsulating his ideas in anecdotes, and here’s one that jumps out. It concerns the need to invest opportunistically, rather than emotionally. The story concerns a group of portfolio managers on a tour of troubled factories in the U.S. northeast.

When passing by one facility, the tour’s broker-organizer commented, “I understand this company has thousands of drug addicts among its employees in that facility alone.”

One of the portfolio managers absent-mindedly commented, “Thousands, eh? I wonder who makes the needles.”

Stock investment advice: Japan’s reconstruction will generate new fortunes

In the emotional part of their brains, of course, successful investors think about Japan like everybody else. They obviously sympathize with the victims of the tragedy, as we all do. But you can bet that in the emotion-free, calculating regions of their brains, the perspective is much different. There, the main topic of thought is which companies will gain from the tragedy, and which will lose.

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However, I can tell you that many investors are taking way too negative a view of the effects of the tragedy. Others are oblivious to several companies that are virtually certain to gain as Japan begins its massive rebuilding job.

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