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If you want to make more money from the stock market, you’ve come to the right place! Because with this FREE report, 5 Best Stocks to Buy in June, you get five specific stock tips for ensuring long-term gains—the best stocks to buy this month.

The fundamentals of investing are just the same for newcomers as they are for established, successful investors. The challenge for everybody is to stick to what works and not let investment fads, the media limelight, or bad advice from a broker or advisor steer you off course.

The five picks for this month that we outline in this report are derived from my four decades of investment experience. All five stocks are favourite recommendations from our premium newsletters, including The Successful Investor, Wall Street Stock Forecaster and Power Growth Investor. We hope you enjoy and profit from this advice!

Please use this FREE report 5 Best Stocks to Buy in June to grow your stock profits and make more money, especially for the long term—with the best stocks to buy this month. Whether you’re new to investing or an experienced investor, you’re sure to find value in these stock recommendations.

Stock Tip #1 for the Best Stocks to Buy Now

You can’t go wrong with a stock paying you a very high and sustainable 5.5% yield. The company’s focus on building out its operations—to satisfy ever-rising demand—only supports that impressive monthly dividend.

A joint venture in August 2022 was a key part of the company’s groundwork for growth. The deal gave it 60% interest in the partnership and a $700-million cash infusion. That will help the company continue to lift its dividend. As promised, it recently raised that monthly payment by 3.6%.

In this section of 5 Best Stocks to Buy in June, you’ll learn the identity of this company, including its trading symbol and our TSI Network Risk Rating.

Stock Tip #2 for the Best Stocks to Buy Now

This company does business in the sports-betting arena, a growing area of consumer interest. The company is making all the right moves to remain the dominant player in this rapidly expanding market even as upstarts vie for market share. Meanwhile, it holds $1.4 billion in cash to devote to building on its sizable market lead.

Discover the identity of this company’s stock—when you read this FREE report 5 Best Stocks to Buy in June.

Stock Tip #3 for the Best Stocks to Buy Now

This stock tip is for a venerable company that is well into a multi-year transformation. The company is scaling up its cloud operations to better serve its customers and is expanding into artificial intelligence (AI) and cybersecurity.

A key part of its strategy for growth was the spinoff of one division, so the remaining operations can better focus on high-growth business opportunities. The company’s stock hit a three-year high late last year, even amid market volatility. We think its share price is poised to move higher, even as the company maintains or raises its dividend. That quarterly payment already offers you a high 4.9% yield.

Get all of the details about this stock tip in 5 Best Stocks to Buy in June right now!

Stock Tip #4 for the Best Stocks to Buy Now

This company makes a variety of essential parts in an essential industry. Its product lineup also includes consumer products, workplace equipment, and agricultural harvesting equipment—a nice balanced variety!

The stock is now up strongly from a two-year low of $49.48 in March 2020, and growing product demand is driving its stock price even higher. Consumer demand for one of its segments is skyrocketing, and now represents 70% of new orders. We anticipate improving demand for its industrial and agricultural equipment, too.

You should know all about this stock recommendation, and you can get the details now in 5 Best Stocks to Buy in June.

Stock Tip #5 for the Best Stocks to Buy Now

This company is in the digital entertainment sector and has a worldwide presence. A maker of well-known products, it’s on a path to become the global leader in this space … with a $1.4 billion acquisition.

The company is also focused on new product offerings and expanding growth in the key mobile-devices segment. This stock is a buy recommendation for today’s aggressive investors.

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Don’t wait to act on all these stock recommendations—and download your FREE copy of 5 Best Stocks to Buy in June right now, and get the best stocks to buy this month!


Pat McKeough
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The Successful Investor

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