Selecting the best Canadian funds for your portfolio

Selecting the best Canadian funds for your portfolio

The best Canadian funds are ETFs or specialized mutual funds that aim to equal the performance of a Canadian market index
Canadian funds, specifically, index funds, are among the better financial innovations to come along in the past few decades.

The best Canadian funds do show better long-run… Read More

Let urbanization add to your future returns

The world’s urban population has seen rapid growth, from 751 million in 1950 to 4.2 billion in 2018. Currently, 55% of people now live in cities. According to United Nations estimates, the proportion of people living in urban areas will increase to 68% by 2050;… Read More

An aging population supports this megatrend

While the world’s population is still growing, it’s also getting older. That should have a profound impact on developed countries in Europe, Asia and North America. Aging baby boomers are reshaping government finances, pensions, labour markets, nutrition, and medical services.
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It’s too soon for you to buy China

ISHARES CHINA LARGE-CAP ETF, $38.92 (New York symbol FXI; TSINetwork ETF Rating: Aggressive; Market Cap: $4.4 billion) tracks the 50 largest, most-liquid Chinese stocks. It started up October 4, 2004, and investors are charged a high 0.74% MER. The units give you a 3.1% yield.
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Here’s a look at two new ETFs for investors

This month we analyze two new offerings for ETF investors from Dynamic Funds (a fund manager wholly owned by Scotiabank). The first hands you an actively managed, international dividend-paying portfolio while the second aims to provide investors with exposure to the top internationally listed infrastructure… Read More

Sweden ETF taps this worker-friendly market

Sweden’s high tax rates support its extensive government benefits for citizens—from its 18 months of paid parental leave to its housing allowance for families and 20-somethings. But the high tax rates haven’t kept this nation from becoming one of the world’s most-economically competitive.
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Urbanization should spur your future gains

Another “megatrend” offering investors strong potential for long-term growth is the rising number of people worldwide moving to urban centres. Here are three ETFs that focus on mining, infrastructure, cybersecurity and other industries set to profit from urbanization. A supplement on page 40 offers you… Read More

What you should do

Stock prices have dropped sharply in anticipation of a much wider spread of the coronavirus, and a deep economic setback that could result from that spread.
In a sudden and deep stock-market drop like this, it’s all too easy to respond impulsively or go to extremes… Read More