4 tips for picking the best small cap stocks

The best small cap stocks can offer great opportunities for gains for investors

Small cap stocks are companies with a “market cap” (the value of all the shares they have outstanding) below, say, $250 million, or some other arbitrary figure.

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Here are the best guidelines for picking penny stocks

Sharing our proven guidelines for successfully picking penny stocks to recommend to our clients and in our newsletters

Penny stocks are riskier, more speculative investments, most often included in the portfolios of aggressive investors. Penny stocks are engaged in such activities as finding mineral deposits that… Read More

5 aggressive investing tips to cut your risk

You can cut your aggressive investing risk by applying these five key investing tips.

Aggressive investing stock picks can give you bigger gains than conservative selections. But they can also give you bigger losses. Aggressive stocks are only suitable for investors who can… Read More

Why Adam Smith’s advice on speculative stocks still holds

Speculative stocks are always a risk, understanding the nature of those risks is key

In the 18th century, pioneering economist Adam Smith said that the public tends to overvalue “speculative ventures”. We think this makes excellent investing advice for present day investors in… Read More

What is over-the-counter trading?

Over-the-counter trading is for investors who don’t mind risk and are willing to chance losing their money.

Over-the-counter trading is a term used to refer to the buying and selling of stocks via a dealer network instead of one the major exchanges like the TSX,… Read More