5 aggressive investing tips to cut your risk

You can cut your aggressive investing risk by applying these five key investing tips.
Aggressive investing stock picks can give you bigger gains than conservative selections. But they can also give you bigger losses. Aggressive stocks are only suitable for investors who can accept substantial risk… Read More

What is over-the-counter trading?

Over-the-counter trading is for investors who don’t mind risk and are willing to chance losing their money.

Over-the-counter trading is a term used to refer to the buying and selling of stocks via a dealer network instead of one the major exchanges like the TSX,… Read More

Stock picks: Strong quarter for Zhongpin

Zhongpin Inc., symbol HOGS on Nasdaq, is a China-based company that processes meat and other foods.

Zhongpin specializes in pork and pork products, as well as fruit and vegetables. It sells 358 meat products, including chilled pork, frozen pork and prepared meats, as well as… Read More