Q: Hi, Pat. Thank you for your wealth of investment knowledge over the years it has helped my family build a good financial foundation for the present and future. Please, tell us more about Real Matters Inc. (REAL) on Toronto. Look forward to your reply. Thanks.

A: Real Matters Inc., $11.85, symbol REAL on Toronto (Shares outstanding: 84.9 million; Market cap: $957.7 million; www.realmatters.com), provides technology and network management solutions to the mortgage lending and insurance industries in Canada and the U.S. The company is based in Markham, Ontario. Its clients… Read More

Q: Pat, may I have your thoughts on Dream Industrial REIT? This warehouse REIT appears to be a great way to gain exposure to the online shopping phenomenon.

A: Dream Industrial REIT, $7.98, symbol DIR.UN on Toronto (Units outstanding: 152.2 million; Market cap: $1.2 billion; www.dreamindustrialreit.ca), offers investors a  portfolio of industrial properties in North America and Europe.

The REIT, originally named Dundee Industrial REIT, first sold units to the public and began trading… Read More

Non-bank stocks diversify your portfolio

Most investors limit their U.S. Finance-sector holdings to big banks like J.P. Morgan. That’s mainly due to the high dividends of those industry leaders.
However, the American market offers a variety of non-banking stocks in the Finance sector such as the three we analyze below. While… Read More

How the trade pact works for Mexico

NAFTA has provided strong economic stimulus for Mexico since its implementation in 1994. It was, therefore, essential for the Mexican government to conclude negotiations on a revised agreement as soon as possible. Some of the key terms of the new USMCA deal follow:
1) The new… Read More