Robo-advisors aim to put investors in suitable ETFs

Generally, robo-advisors offer a set number of investment portfolios largely composed of ETFs. They then use a client’s investment profile—factoring in their needs and risk tolerance—to determine which of those portfolios is best suited to the individual investor.
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Q: Hello, Pat. I always look forward to your reports. Thanks. What is your take on the new Vanguard Asset Allocation ETFs—VCNS, VBAL, VGRO? Each is a collection of several different ETFs, some of those ETFs holding stocks and some holding bonds. Are the fees more? Thank you.

A: The Vanguard Conservative ETF Portfolio, $24.70, symbol VCNS on Toronto, holds roughly 40% of its assets in Vanguard stock ETFs and 60% in bond ETFs. This $27 million ETF started up on January 25, 2018, and has a 0.22% MER.

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