Let these stock updates help direct you

THYSSENKRUPP AG (ADR) $7.52 is okay to hold, but only for aggressive investors. The company (U.S. over-the-counter bulletin board symbol TKAMY; Shares outstanding: 622.5 million; Market cap: $4.7 billion; Dividend suspended in 2020; Takeover Target Rating: Medium; www.thyssenkrupp.com) is a German industrial conglomerate with operations that manufacture steel, automotive… Read More

These actively managed ETFs hold appeal

Exchange-traded funds have traditionally offered investors three main advantages: ease of trading, low fees, and transparency. We still believe passively managed ETFs—which simply track benchmark indexes—do the best job of meeting those goals. However, actively managed ETFs, where fund managers tinker with their holdings to… Read More

These top insurers offer you high yields

Business for our two top Canadian insurance recommendations remains strong, although COVID-19 has slowed their share-price growth. That reflects their drop in wealth management fees this spring as the pandemic hurt their client portfolios. The market downturn also hit their own extensive investment portfolios.
However, both… Read More

TSX ETF investing: 5 tips for successfully picking the right ones

TSX ETF investing: 5 tips for successfully picking the right ones

With all the TSX ETF investments available, it’s not too difficult to diversify your portfolio. Here’s how.
There are hundreds of ETF opportunities on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) sponsored by investment managers like BlackRock Inc., BMO Asset Management and Horizons ETFs Management. The best TSX… Read More

These ETF strategies aim to cut risk

When selecting ETFs, you should look at the stocks they hold but also the methods they use to choose them. All funds use strategies aimed at boosting returns and cutting risk. The two ETFs below (and that in the column to the right) use unique… Read More

Blue chip ETFs focus on Canada

Blue chip ETFs focus on Canada

These two blue chip ETFs hold mostly large-capitalization, widely traded stocks on the Canadian exchange. Both funds mirror, or track, the performance of major stock market indexes as opposed to narrower ones focused on resources or themes, such as solar power or biotech.
Blue chip ETFs… Read More