Diversify with these non-bank financials

Most investors typically hold two, three or more of the big five Canadian banks. That makes sense given their steady profit growth and rising dividends. They also give investors exposure to a wide variety of financial services, including mutual funds, retirement planning and insurance.
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ETF investors stand to gain from lower fees

We feel that investors will profit the most from a well-balanced portfolio of high-quality individual stocks, but ETFs can also play a role in a portfolio—especially low-fee funds.
ETF providers are now cutting fees even lower to gain market share. That further boosts their appeal as… Read More

Blue chip ETFs focus on Canada

Blue chip ETFs focus on Canada

These two blue chip ETFs hold mostly large-capitalization, widely traded stocks on the Canadian exchange. Both mirror, or track, the performance of major stock market indexes as opposed to narrower ones focused on resources or themes, such as solar power or biotech.

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