We see one of these new funds as a buy

National Bank is one of the smaller ETF providers in the Canadian marketplace. Still, the bank continues to launch new funds and its assets under management have grown rapidly this year. Here’s a look at two of those new ETFs.
The NBI GLOBAL PRIVATE EQUITY ETF $26.01 (Toronto symbol… Read More

Keep holding these three aggressive stocks

Prospects for all three of these companies from our Aggressive Growth Portfolio continue to improve, either through acquisitions or cost cuts. Still, each stock fell sharply in 2018 and will likely remain depressed in 2019.
Instead of selling, however, we continue to recommend investors hold their… Read More

Brazil needs to harness its huge potential

Several factors contributed to Brazil’s 2015-2016 recession, one of its worst: political turmoil, corruption at one of the country’s major corporations, volatile commodity prices, and high inflation. However, starting in 2017, the country has slowly emerged from that crisis. which is fuelling new hope for… Read More