Pass on this ETF: Teucrium Sugar Fund

Narrowly focused agricultural commodity ETFs can give you spectacular returns when markets rise. However, there are risks to match.
A good example is the TEUCRIUM SUGAR FUND $6.54 (New York symbol CANE), which uses futures contracts to invest in sugar. This fund has experienced high levels of volatility since its… Read More

Get ready for precious metals gains

Precious metals should let you profit over the next few years if inflation rises (a clear possibility), and gold, silver and platinum stocks attract new investor interest.
What’s more, if the world economy, particularly emerging economies, continues to expand, consumer gold purchases will rise as well… Read More

Low-volatility funds still carry risks

Superior returns, yet with lower volatility—that’s a great selling point for ETF managers looking to attract skittish investors to low-volatility funds. The use of computer modelling to pinpoint those stocks only adds to the appeal.
However, there are real risks in looking for a “black box”… Read More

Keep it simple when investing in ETFs

These two ETFs scored well at the annual Thomson Reuters Lipper Fund Awards. That reflects their performance over the last three years, along with their scores in other key areas.

However, we continue to recommend investors limit their ETF selection to funds that track established… Read More