Focus on high yields that are sustainable

High-yielding ETFs have appeal for income-seeking investors. The income they provide can also provide a buffer in declining markets. However, you need to look closely at the strategies that let those ETFs pay their high yields—and whether they are worth the risks.
Below we look at… Read More

Three riskier ETFs with recovery potential

The recent market downturn has been especially hard on riskier stocks—and all three of these ETFs are down considerably from their 2021 highs. But the best of the stocks these ETFs hold are at the forefront of innovative industries or segments that still have considerable… Read More

Cut your volatility with these ETFs

Some investors look to reduce volatility in their portfolios for a number of reasons. One is that they can’t sleep at night because they’re nervous about the market outlook. In that case, low-volatilty funds may cut your your losses or even leave you with gains… Read More

Two new ETFs for Canadian investors

This month we highlight an ETF that invests in dividend-paying energy stocks, plus another that focuses on renewable energy.
NINEPOINT ENERGY INCOME FUND ETF $19.79 (NEO exchange symbol NRGI) invests in dividend-paying companies involved in the energy industry. The ETF is managed by Eric Nuttall, who feels that his… Read More

Pass on this ETF

BMO U.S. PUT WRITE ETF $14.36 (Toronto symbol ZPW) sells put options on a range of U.S. large-cap stocks to generate income for the ETF. These options give the put buyers the right to sell specific stocks to the ETF at a pre-determined price. Buyers profit when… Read More

These gold ETFs have more gains ahead

For many investors, gold represents a “safe harbour” in these turbulent times. That’s reflected in the sharp price jumps we continue to see—most notably in the wake of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
Meanwhile, we expect gold-loving markets in Asia and other emerging economies to rebound… Read More