Updating Torstar Corp., Bombardier Inc., and Nutrien Ltd.

TORSTAR CORP. $1.00 (Toronto symbol TS.B; Aggressive Growth Portfolio; Consumer sector; Shares outstanding: 80.7 million; Market cap: $80.7 million; Price-to sales ratio: 0.2; TSINetwork Rating: Extra Risk; Dividend yield: 10.0%; www.torstar.com) publishes The Toronto Star, along with StarMetro commuter dailies in Toronto and four other major markets. Its… Read More

CAE gets ready for rising demand

CAE expects global air travel volumes to rise 3.6% each year for the next decade. That’s good news for the company, which is the leading supplier of flight simulators and pilot-training services to the airline industry. In fact, CAE has roughly 70% of the global… Read More