How to choose the best investments for children

How to choose the best investments for children

Traditionally, there have been several options for parents and grandparents looking to make investments for children. But here’s how to choose the best investments for children in 2023.
Taking the time to pick the right investments for children and grandchildren is a worthwhile endeavour. If the… Read More

Two ETFs for those seeking bonds

Interest rates moved up substantially in 2022—the Bank of Canada raised its benchmark interest rate during the year to 4.25% in December from just 0.50% in March!
This has made it more attractive to invest in fixed-income instruments, including corporate and government bonds. However, further rate… Read More

Here are new ETFs for Canadian investors

This month we highlight a U.S. small and mid-cap ETF that aims to invests in companies with long-term competitive advantages. We also look at a “green” bond ETF from CI Asset Management.
VANECK MORNINGSTAR SMID MOAT ETF $25.76 (New York symbol SMOT) invests in U.S.-domiciled small and medium-size… Read More

Riskier funds see stronger gains

October turned out to be a great month for all kinds of riskier assets. Top performers were commodities, with oil and copper leading the way. Precious metal producers also made strong gains while the energy and commodity-heavy Canadian indexes were spurred by those gains. Performing… Read More

Commodities continue to shine

Stock markets, especially in the developed world, continued their rise in May. Commodity-producing nations, including Canada, lead the way. Notably, ETFs holding gold and oil producers were some of the big winners for the month.
On the other hand, decliners in the month included a.. Read More

Equities continued to rise in April

Equity markets in the developed world, especially North America, continued their upward climb in April while developing markets, especially India, struggled. REITs had another strong month, while selected commodities and miners also gained ground.
At the broad market level, the Vanguard Total World Stocks ETF… Read More

Most ETFs fell in October

The month of October saw declines in most asset classes, especially during the last trading week. That came after very strong gains for most assets starting in April.
Representing the broad global, U.S. and Canadian markets, the Vanguard Total World Stocks ETF (VT) lost 2.0%… Read More

These ETFs aim to cut portfolio risk

Diversification is a key part of our approach to successful investing. Done right, it can help investors cut the overall risk of their portfolios. Here’s a look at two different approaches: one ETF holds bonds in addition to stocks; the other invests globally in real… Read More