How to choose the best investments for children

How to choose the best investments for children

Traditionally, there have been several options for parents and grandparents looking to make investments for children. But here’s how to choose the best investments for children in 2021.
Taking the time to pick the right investments for children and grandchildren is a worthwhile endeavour. If the… Read More

Most ETFs fell in October

The month of October saw declines in most asset classes, especially during the last trading week. That came after very strong gains for most assets starting in April.
Representing the broad global, U.S. and Canadian markets, the Vanguard Total World Stocks ETF (VT) lost 2.0%… Read More

These ETFs aim to cut portfolio risk

Diversification is a key part of our approach to successful investing. Done right, it can help investors cut the overall risk of their portfolios. Here’s a look at two different approaches: one ETF holds bonds in addition to stocks; the other invests globally in real… Read More

Two ETFs may be the best choices in bonds

Two ETFs may be the best choices in bonds

The Bank of Canada cut its benchmark interest rate in March to 0.25% from 1.75%. The move was meant to spur the economy after COVID-19 hit. Whether the bank holds that rate steady, or cuts it even further, depends on the country’s economic growth and… Read More

Yield and income are key factors to weigh

Retirees and other investors who depend on the income from their portfolios face a time of low returns on their fixed-income investments.
The table below indicates the current income yields available on those investments, plus other asset classes—as represented by the ETFs highlighted below. It also provides an… Read More

Three new ETFs for Canadian Investors

Here’s a look at three new ETFs for investors from TD Asset Management:
The TD ACTIVE U.S. HIGH YIELD BOND ETF $21.94 (Toronto symbol TUHY) invests in high-yield bonds issued by U.S. companies. The fund launched in November 2019 and charges an MER of 0.55%.
The ETF invests in corporate… Read More

These ETFs offer you a range of yield and risk

Here, we continue our look at fixed-income ETFs that provide investors with reasonable income in this low-interest-rate environment. Below, you’ll find funds focused on the Canadian universe of top-quality bonds from federal, provincial and corporate issuers. All of them pay fluctuating monthly distributions, but investors… Read More