We recommend staying out of trendy ETFs

Promoters of ETFs are in the business to make money from the products they provide. This is a legitimate objective, but sometimes promoters aim to capitalize on short-term fads to appeal to investors. These products can deliver poor results in the long term. Below, we… Read More

What is your opinion on Claymore BRIC ETF? I do not have any exposure to these parts of the world, and I am thinking of making an entry here but am leery. Thanks.

The Claymore BRIC exchange-traded fund (ETF), $18.95, symbol CBQ on Toronto (Shares outstanding: 5.1 million; Market cap: $95.8 million), invests in the BNY (Bank of New York) BRIC Select ADR Index. This index tracks the performance of companies from the so-called “BRIC” countries: Brazil, Russia,… Read More

Hi, I own shares of Claymore BRIC ETF (CBQ) and iShares CDN MSCI EAFE 100% Hedged to CAD Dollars Index Fund (XIN) for international diversification. Are these a hold or would I be better only holding your best buys?

Claymore Investments, Inc., is the wholly owned Canadian subsidiary of Chicago-based Claymore Group Inc. The Canadian branch now offers five exchange-traded funds (ETFs) trading on the Toronto exchange.

All of the funds aim to combine what Claymore sees as the advantages of passive investment in an… Read More