Investing in stocks: The hidden drawbacks of split-share corporations

Investing in stocks: The hidden drawbacks of split-share corporations

Split-share corporations come with inherent drawbacks that can hand investors unexpected and unwelcomed costs before they’d planned
Split-share corporations: they’re just one of the areas that Pat McKeough’s Inner Circle can tap into our investment research. Members also get to ask investment questions of Pat and his… Read More

5 top Canadian dividend stocks to invest in

5 top Canadian dividend stocks to invest in

Here are 5 Canadian dividend stocks we recommend holding in your portfolio during and after COVID-19
One of the key points in our three-part investment advice is to invest mainly in well-established dividend-paying stocks. The COVID-19 pandemic and the downturn it spurred in March 2020 highlights… Read More

It pays you to be wary of new ETF issues

This month we consider two new high-interest savings ETFs, which compete with money market funds. We also offer you a look at a hedge fund ETF from AGF.
In our August 2019 issue, we initially analyzed high rate savings ETFs from Purpose Investments. Since then, the… Read More

Here’s more top Sustainable ETFs for investors

You will find that the most-popular ETFs in the Sustainable Investment category pick companies based on their environmental, social and governance (ESG) attributes. While the top-ranked companies are generally included in ETF portfolios, the funds also tend to widen their holdings to include all major… Read More

Cisco’s plan will power your gains

We have several reasons for recommending Cisco Systems to you as one of our three top picks for 2019 (the other two are Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce and Choice Properties REIT).
The company is successfully expanding into high-margin fields like security software. That has helped… Read More

Investors in Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce benefit from a 5.3% yield

Improved results for its retail banking business helped lift overall earnings in the most-recent quarter for this member of Canada’s Big Five.

A recent acquisition continues to build the bank’s U.S. operations and its share of the growing wealth management business.

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Activists see value in these two stocks

L BRANDS INC. $27 (New York symbol LB; Consumer sector; Shares outstanding: 275.1 million; Market cap: $7.4 billion; Dividend yield: 4.4%; Takeover Target Rating: Medium; owns two main retail chains: Victoria’s Secret stores (which sell lingerie); and Bath & Body Works outlets (personal-care products, including soaps and… Read More

Spinoff spurs Canadian retail giant

This company recently transferred its majority stake in Canada’s leading REIT to its parent company. As a result of that reorganization, it can now focus exclusively on expanding profits for its main retailing operations.

For example, the company recently launched a new enhanced delivery program modelled… Read More