Good rule to follow

It’s always a good idea to sell if you have any doubts about the integrity of the people who are in charge of a company. In other words, if you think a company is run by crooks, you should sell right away, no matter how… Read More

Cautions & Greetings

This past year brought richly rewarding takeovers of several of our long-time favourites including Falconbridge, Inco, Fairmont and Sleeman. As a result, you may face a substantial capital-gains tax bill.

Before yielding to the year-end tax-loss selling urge, keep in mind that it’s always a mistake… Read More

Top Quality at 24% Off

ECONOMIC INVESTMENT TRUST $79 (Toronto symbol: EVT) holds a well-diversified portfolio of high-quality Canadian, U.S. and foreign stocks. In 2002, the trust changed its investment policy to allow for more non- Canadian investments.

The $514 million fund’s largest holdings include E-L Financial, Algoma Central Railway, Bank… Read More