The Top Stocks to Invest in for the highest Investment Returns

If you want the top stocks to invest in for your portfolio, then look for a history of business success, dividend payments, and capital gains benefits
We think that successful investors should confine their buying mostly, if not entirely, to high-quality stocks. That’s because they… Read More

Q: Pat, I may want to invest 10% to 15% of my portfolio into flow-through shares. It looks like a great way to buy junior resources companies at a discount. Please tell me specifically about CMP’s 2018 Flow-Through Resource Limited Partnership. Thanks.

A: Flow-through limited partnerships developed out of a Canadian government plan to encourage the exploration and development of the country’s natural resources. Under the plan, companies involved in oil and gas, mining and base metals and other natural resource industries are permitted to fully deduct… Read More

An easy way to cut your capital gains tax liability

An easy way to cut your capital gains tax liability

With capital gains taxed at a lower rate than interest, we advise you to structure your investments to profit from that favourable tax treatment.
It’s no surprise that during the 2016 tax season, investors inundated us with questions about how to cut their capital gains tax… Read More