Our stock updates help protect your gains

RYDER SYSTEM INC. $72 is a hold. The company (New York symbol R; Manufacturing & Industry sector; Shares outstanding: 51.1 million; Market cap: $3.7 billion; Dividend yield: 3.2%; Takeover Target Rating: Medium; www.ryder.com) leases truck fleets, mainly under long-term deals. It also maintains vehicles and provides other related services… Read More

Tech looks to bounce back from its losses

Many technology stocks has seen strong growth over the past couple of years as the pandemic unfolded. The reasons included: the rapid expansion of productivity and cybersecurity technology as COVID-19 forced many people to work from home, and the shift to online shopping. That pushed… Read More

Growing by acquisition adds risk

TOPICUS.COM INC. $124 is a hold. The company (Toronto Venture symbol TOI; Manufacturing sector; Shares outstanding: 39.9 million; Market cap: $4.9 billion; No dividend paid; Takeover Target Rating: Medium; www.topicus.com) is a Netherlands-based provider of education, finance and health-care software. On January 5, 2021, Constellation Software Inc. (Toronto symbol… Read More

Earnings jumped 28.8% at Fair Isaac Corp.

Earnings jumped 28.8% at Fair Isaac Corp.

Improved sales of its credit-scoring software led to a 7.8% jump in revenue for this company during the most-recent quarter.

The firm is well-positioned to keep expanding on rising COVID-spurred demand as it focuses on helping credit card issuers reduce fraud. That’s why it’s one of… Read More

These ETFs aim for top-quality holdings

One of the best methods of building wealth over time is to zero in on the shares of quality companies with a consistent history of sales and earnings (or the ETFs that hold them). Solid balance sheets and a strong hold on a growing clientele… Read More

These work-from-home winners are still buys

Adobe and Fair Isaac continue to hit new highs, with businesses continuing to rely on their products as their employees work from home during the pandemic. We continue to like their long-term prospects.
ADOBE INC. $657 is buy. The company (Nasdaq symbol ADBE; Aggressive Growth Portfolio,… Read More

These three buys let you tap online growth

The COVID-19 pandemic forced individuals and businesses to move many of their activities online. That shift has helped lift these three leading technology firms to new highs. We continue to hold a high opinion of their prospects, but only aggressive investors should consider buying them… Read More

ETFs for income—and growth

Investors looking to generate current income from their stock portfolios typically start by looking for the highest-yielding shares. However, exceptionally high yields can be a sign of trouble ahead—they can signal imminent dividend cuts. One way around that risk is to invest instead in stocks… Read More

Constellation completes spinoff

CONSTELLATION SOFTWARE INC. $1,722 is a hold. The company (Toronto symbol CSU; Manufacturing sector; Shares outstanding: 21.2 million; Market cap: $36.5 billion; Dividend yield 0.3%; Takeover Target Rating: Medium; www.csisoftware.com) sells software tailored to individual businesses and agencies. It has more than 125,000 customers operating in both the public… Read More