These three buys let you tap online growth

The COVID-19 pandemic forced individuals and businesses to move many of their activities online. That shift has helped lift these three leading technology firms to new highs. We continue to hold a high opinion of their prospects, but only aggressive investors should consider buying them… Read More

ETFs for income—and growth

Investors looking to generate current income from their stock portfolios typically start by looking for the highest-yielding shares. However, exceptionally high yields can be a sign of trouble ahead—they can signal imminent dividend cuts. One way around that risk is to invest instead in stocks… Read More

Constellation completes spinoff

CONSTELLATION SOFTWARE INC. $1,722 is a hold. The company (Toronto symbol CSU; Manufacturing sector; Shares outstanding: 21.2 million; Market cap: $36.5 billion; Dividend yield 0.3%; Takeover Target Rating: Medium; sells software tailored to individual businesses and agencies. It has more than 125,000 customers operating in both the public… Read More

Q: Hi: What is your opinion regarding Constellation Software (CSU) for a long-term investment? Thanks.

A: Constellation Software, $577.46, symbol CSU on Toronto (Shares outstanding: 21.2 million; Market cap: $12.6 billion;, sells software tailored to individual businesses and agencies. Its 125,000 customers operate in both the public and private sectors of more than 100 countries.
Constellation’s software serves a wide… Read More