Investors use Chile to tap copper

With output well ahead of China and Peru, Chile is the world’s leading miner of copper; its annual output of 6 million tonnes represents a third of global production, and copper accounts for 24% of Chile’s total exports. Investor gains in Chile directly or indirectly… Read More

Uncover the best metal to invest in for resource gains

Uncover the best metal to invest in for resource gains

To find the best metal to invest in, consider your temperament and how you might profit from an array of metals, including copper or gold
We continue to recommend that you cut your risk in the more volatile resource sector by investing mainly in stocks of… Read More

Here’s how to find the top copper mining stocks

Here’s how to find the top copper mining stocks

How to identify the top copper mining stocks—and how to best to fit them into your portfolio
Stocks of firms that produce oil and base metals, including copper, generally have higher dividend yields than, say, gold stocks. As well, they’re usually much cheaper than gold stocks… Read More

Top performing (but risky) ETFs in 2018

With broad-based losses across all of the major investment classes, the year 2018 will not be fondly remembered by many investors. However, some ETFs defied the odds and generated spectacular returns.
Here are three of the highest-returning ETFs of 2018.

Rising production spurs their appeal

ALAMOS GOLD $4.63 (Toronto symbol AGI; TSINetwork Rating: Speculative) (604-681-2802;; Shares outstanding: 266.3 million; Market cap: $1.8 billion; Dividend yield: 0.6%) owns the Mulatos and El Chanate mines in Mexico, and the Young-Davidson and Island mines in northern Ontario.
The company also has a number of development projects… Read More

Copper slows with China

GLOBAL X COPPER MINERS ETF $20.03 (New York symbol COPX; buy or sell through brokers; aims to track the Solactive Global Copper Miners Index, which includes 30 global mining and exploration firms. The ETF started up in April 2010.
Canadian firms make up 31.9% of the fund’s… Read More