Africa’s big potential comes with risks

The world’s second largest continent, Africa, has equally big potential. Where several of its national economies remain focused on growth, other African countries continue to grapple with weak corporate governance structures, poverty and military conflicts. Those factors have helped to hold back economic development. However,… Read More

Cut emerging-market risk with ETFs

Many investors resist holding emerging-market stocks. They are concerned about weaker levels of regulatory oversight, weak corporate governance, market volatility, and political and currency risks.

However, emerging-market economies continue to expand faster than those of the developed world. That provides increased opportunities for profits.

Higher growth rates… Read More

These funds aim for an ethical profit

The ETF world is diverse, with a fund for every kind of investment strategy. That includes ETFs for those Canadians who want to invest in companies committed to protecting the environment and helping social causes. Here are two such funds: