Cut emerging-market risk with ETFs

Many investors resist holding emerging-market stocks. They are concerned about weaker levels of regulatory oversight, weak corporate governance, market volatility, and political and currency risks.

However, emerging-market economies continue to expand faster than those of the developed world. That provides increased opportunities for profits.

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These funds aim for an ethical profit

The ETF world is diverse, with a fund for every kind of investment strategy. That includes ETFs for those Canadians who want to invest in companies committed to protecting the environment and helping social causes. Here are two such funds:


Pat, could I get your analysis of Lukoil ADRs and Exxon? Thanks.

Lukoil (ADR), $65.85, symbol LUKOY on the U.S. over-the-counter market (ADRs outstanding: 1.1 billion; Market cap: $55.8 billion;, produces, refines, markets and explores for oil and gas around the world. Its exploration and production activities are primarily in Russia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, the Middle… Read More

Chinese hotel operator looks to sustain rapid growth

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MARKET VECTORS VIETNAM ETF $19.18 (New York symbol VNM; buy or sell through brokers; holds shares of Vietnamese companies or foreign firms that get a significant amount of their revenue from Vietnam.

Market Vectors Vietnam ETF was launched on August 11, 2009. Its expense ratio… Read More

Profit from the new Vietnam

Vietnam’s economy is growing quickly, largely due to the country’s rising exports and low wages: its labour and production costs are as little as one-third of similar costs in China. Vietnam also has a large future labour pool: over 50% of its population of 85… Read More