Your 40% gain is just the beginning

In 2019, our U.S. neighbours, alone, spent a whopping $9.4 billion in online shopping on Cyber Monday. That’s a 19.7% jump over 2018.
For investors looking to tap that phenomenal growth, the question is often which new retailer will give them the broadest and most-lucrative exposure… Read More

Here are two foreign ETFs to lift your gains

If you’re looking for top holdings in an ETF, combined with exceptionally low fees, then Pennsylvania-based Vanguard Group is a top choice. Vanguard is one of the world’s largest investment management companies. In all, it administers over $5.3 trillion U.S. for investors, spread across 415… Read More

Soaring share price makes Dollarama an expensive buy

Soaring share price makes Dollarama an expensive buy

In response to a direct “buy or not” question from a member of his Inner Circle, Pat McKeough takes a close look at Dollarama as it stands in 2019. A successful growth stock, Dollarama has seen exponential gains since it first began trading publicly. The… Read More

These ETFs aim for seasonal gains

Seasonal investment strategies study the historical performance of stocks, bonds and other asset classes during specific times of year. They then aim to benefit from those patterns. However, these strategies are based on the past and do not always work. Holding stocks with strong fundamentals—and… Read More

Low volatility ETFs look to cut investor risk

ETF managers employ various strategies to produce portfolios that have lower volatility, or risk, than the overall stock market. At the same time, they also aim to keep up with overall market gains despite the lower risk.
Below we analyze three ETFs with lower volatility portfolios… Read More

Q: Pat: What is your view on Home Depot? Thanks.

A: Home Depot Inc., $221.77, symbol HD on New York (Shares outstanding: 1.1 billion; Market cap: $245.4 billion;, operates warehouse-style home-improvement stores that average 104,000 square feet, plus an additional 24,000 square-foot garden centre. Each outlet typically carries 30,000 to 40,000 items.

The company has 2,291… Read More

Q: Pat: What is your view on Costco? Thanks.

A: Costco Wholesale Corp., $287.35, symbol COST on Nasdaq (Shares outstanding: 439.8 million; Market cap: $122.5 billion;, owns and operates warehouse-sized stores that sell a wide variety of consumer goods and services.

The company charges its customers an annual membership fee to shop at its locations… Read More