Mid-cap ETFs aim to lift your gains

Many investors overlook mid-cap stocks, thinking that a combination of large- and small-cap stocks will provide their portfolios with all the diversification they really need. However, as a group, U.S. mid-cap stocks have often performed better than large caps and are generally less risky than… Read More

Activists target out-of-favour stocks

EAGLE MATERIALS INC. $87 (New York symbol EXP; Manufacturing sector; Shares outstanding: 45.9 million; Market cap: $4.0 billion; Takeover Target Rating: Medium; Dividend yield: 0.5%; www.eaglematerials.com) makes cement, gypsum wallboard, recycled paperboard, concrete and aggregates, and oil and gas proppants (man-made sand for fracking) at over 75 facilities… Read More