CP boosts investor appeal

CANADIAN PACIFIC RAILWAY $316.00, is a buy. The Canadian blue-chip leader (Toronto symbol CP; shares outstanding: 147.7 million; Market cap: $42.4 billion; TSINetwork Rating: Above Average; Dividend yield: 1.1%; www.cpr.ca) is now buying 774 kilometres of track in Quebec and Maine. That includes the rail line at the centre… Read More

Investors in shipping lead the pack

An varied group of stock ETFs led the performance tables in October 2019. Apart from ETFs investing in countries such as Russia, Brazil, Germany and Greece, the Invesco Shipping ETF (SEA) made it to the top end of the leaderboard. Investors in the iShares MSCI Russia ETF (ERUS) saw… Read More

New ETFs give you more sustainable choices

There were six ETFs focused on Sustainable Investing among the group of funds made available to investors under RBC’s new partnership with Blackrock.
Four of these funds are focused on stocks, while another two concentrate on fixed-income instruments. Here’s a look at the stock-market funds; they… Read More

Tourists power your Greek returns

Tourism will play a key role in any investment success you enjoy in Greece. The 33 million tourists who visited the country in 2018 spent more than 20 billion euros. That’s equal to roughly 10% of the total economy. The tourism and travel industries employ… Read More

Greece’s appeal rises again for investors

If you’re like a lot of Canadians, your foreign investment is often spurred by a vacation abroad. Greece’s sundrenched islands and archeological wonders are undoubtedly attractive, but many investors wonder about the future prospects for its stock market.
The Greek economy is emerging from a deep… Read More