Mexico gains from North American trends

The Mexican manufacturing and export sectors have already grown significantly over the past two decades. But now, despite the country’s challenges, a unique set of circumstances present Mexico with an opportunity to develop these sectors even further. That will further advance it as a major… Read More

Consumer-focused ETFs add stability

Consumer companies such as Walmart, Kellogg and Nestle provide basic goods that consumers need, even during a recession. It is therefore not surprising that these companies have relatively consistent revenue and profit histories and are able to maintain their dividends even during tough economic times.
These… Read More

Mexico looks to recover along with the U.S.

The Mexican economy was hit by the pandemic, especially from a disastrous drop in international tourists as COVID-19 kept visitors at home. But the economy is now recovering as the U.S. rebounds. In fact, Mexican stocks have largely bounced back to pre-pandemic levels.
Here’s a look… Read More

Consumer stocks cut cyclical risk

Most defensive stocks are in the Consumer sector. That means they benefit from continuous, habitual use and have a steady core of sales, regardless of the economy and business cycles. Defensivestock companies typically make products such as soap, soup and beverages.
More generally,… Read More