Q: Hi, Pat: Could I get your view on AirBoss of America (BOS-T)? They have had quite a run since the COVID-19 crisis started. Do you see more gains ahead? Thanks.

A: AirBoss of America Corp., $24.13, symbol BOS on Toronto (Shares outstanding: 23.4 million; Market cap: $564.6 million; www.airbossofamerica.com), manufactures rubber-based products used in the automotive, heavy industry, construction & infrastructure, oil & gas, and defence industries.

AirBoss is headquartered in Newmarket, Ontario, and operates manufacturing… Read More

The U.S. path to recovery will let you profit

The United States has been the world’s leading economy for many decades.
Despite the rapid progression of the Chinese economy and challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, we think U.S. companies will continue to offer ETF investors unparalleled opportunities.
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