North wind blowing in the right direction for this Canadian stock

Recently a Member of Pat McKeough’s Inner Circle asked about a Canadian power company that is getting a big boost from the German government. The key is Germany’s decision to phase out nuclear facilities and subsidize renewable sources like wind power.

Northland Power owns controlling interests… Read More

Advice for building a great dividend stock portfolio

Advice for building a great dividend stock portfolio

Dividend yield is just one of the elements to look for while selecting stocks for a great dividend stock portfolio
When you’re looking for income from investments such as Canadian dividend stocks, the dividend yield is typically your most important consideration. But in some cases, dividend… Read More

Asia ready to fuel Manulife dividends

Dear client:
In the wake of the 2007-2009 financial crisis, Manulife cut its dividend by 50% to conserve cash. Thanks to the company’s improving outlook, it resumed its pattern of annual dividend increases in 2014. Moreover, the stock remains attractive in relation to its earnings.
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Expansion fuels Pembina’s dividend

Dear client:
Pembina is set to complete a $5.2 billion expansion program this year. Those new operations will immediately add to cash flow and support the company’s plans for future dividend increases. In fact, Pembina has already begun to benefit from a new wave of growth… Read More