Updating Dorel Industries Inc.

DOREL INDUSTRIES INC. $26 (Toronto symbol DII.B; High-Growth Payer Portfolio; Consumer sector; Shares outstanding: 32.4 million; Market cap: $842.4 million; Dividend yield: 6.0%; Dividend Sustainability Rating: Above Average; www.dorel.com) makes ready-to-assemble home and office furniture; juvenile products such as car seats, strollers, high chairs, beds and cribs; and… Read More

CIBC offers a rising dividend with a low p/e

CANADIAN IMPERIAL BANK OF COMMERCE $123 (Toronto symbol CM; Income-Growth Portfolio, Finance sector; Shares outstanding: 443.7 million; Market cap: $54.6 billion; Dividend yield: 4.4%; Dividend Sustainability Rating: Highest; www.cibc.com) is the smallest of Canada’s big five banks, with assets of $595.0 billion.
The bank recently announced that it will… Read More

Dividend increase: Leon’s

LEON’S FURNITURE LTD. $18 (Toronto symbol LNF; High-Growth Payer Portfolio, Consumer sector; s/o: 76.2 million; Market cap: $1.4 billion; Dividend yield: 2.7%; Dividend Sustainability Rating: Above Average; www.leons.ca) has increased the number of stores under its name from 27 in 2003 to today’s 86. In March 2013, it… Read More

Updating Gannett Co., Inc., Calian Group Ltd., and SNC-Lavalin Group Inc.

GANNETT CO., INC. $11 (New York symbol GCI; Cyclical- Growth Payer Portfolio, Consumer sector: Shares outstanding: 113.7 million; Market cap: $1.3 billion; Dividend yield: 5.8%; Dividend Sustainability Rating: Average; www.gannett.com) publishes newspapers in the U.S. and U.K., including its flagship daily, USAToday.
The company pays a quarterly dividend of $0.16… Read More

Walmart taps India’s e-commerce

WALMART INC. $96 (New York symbol WMT; Conservative Growth Dividend Payer Portfolio, Consumer sector; Shares outstanding: 3.0 billion; Market cap: $288.0 billion; Dividend yield: 2.2%; Dividend Sustainability Rating: Highest; www.walmart.com) increased its quarterly dividend by 2.0% with the April 2018 payment. Investors now receive to $0.52 a share,… Read More

U.S. consumer stocks: 1 buy & 1 hold

MCDONALD’S CORP. $163 (New York symbol MCD; Income-Growth Dividend Portfolio, Consumer sector, Shares outstanding: 775.8 million; Market cap: $126.5 billion; Dividend yield: 2.5%; Dividend Sustainability Rating: Highest; www.mcdonalds.com) is the world’s largest operator of fast-food restaurants, with 37,406 outlets in 120 countries. It serves a wide variety of… Read More

These high yields reflect cyclical pressures

Russel Metals and Ford offer investors above average dividend yields. That’s mainly because they operate in cyclical industries with uneven cash flows. Even so, we feel their current dividends are sustainable.
RUSSEL METALS INC. $29 (Toronto symbol RUS; Cyclical-Growth Dividend Payer Portfolio, Manufacturing & Industry sector; Shares… Read More

New projects will spur their dividends

PEMBINA PIPELINE CORP. $45 (Toronto symbol PPL; High-Growth Dividend Payer Portfolio; Utilities sector; Shares outstanding: 504.3 million; Market cap: $22.7 billion; Dividend yield: 5.1%; Dividend Sustainability Rating: Above Average; www.pembina.com) owns pipelines that carry almost all of B.C.’s oil and half of Alberta’s conventional oil. Its network also… Read More

Dividend increase: CAE

CAE INC. $26 (Toronto symbol CAE; Conservative Growth Payer Portfolio, Manufacturing & Industry sector; Shares outstanding: 267.7 million; Market cap: $7.0 billion; Dividend Yield: 1.5%; Dividend Sustainability Rating: Above Average; www.cae.com) is a leading maker of flight simulators for commercial and military aircraft. It also operates pilot-training schools… Read More

These yields are high and sustainable

CHEMTRADE LOGISTICS INCOME FUND $16 (Toronto symbol CHE.UN; High-Growth Payer Portfolio, Manufacturing & Industry sector; Units o/s: 110.4 million; Market cap: $1.8 billion; Divd. yield: 7.5%; Dividend Sustainability Rating: Average; www.chemtradelogistics.com) is one of the largest removal-service providers for firms that create acids and sulphur as by-products. The… Read More