How to Profit From Dual-Class Shares of Canadian Stocks

How to Profit From Dual-Class Shares of Canadian Stocks

When it comes to dual-class shares, voting shares have certain advantages over non-voting shares
Aside from specific investments (such as U.S. and Canadian stocks, income trusts or exchange-traded funds), our Inner Circle members ask us a wide range of investment questions. For example, I’ve been asked… Read More

Dundee Corp. $52 – Toronto symbol DBC.SV.A

DUNDEE CORP. $33 (Toronto symbol DBC.SV.A; SI Rating: Average) holds equity interests in several businesses. Its main asset is its 63% stake in Dundee Wealth Management Inc., which sells investments, life insurance and other financial services through about 4,000 independent advisors across Canada. Through 86%-owned… Read More

Spread Your Finance Risk with These Three

Many investors limit their holdings in the Finance sector of their portfolio to Canada’s big five banks. While we have a high opinion of the banks, and recommend that every investor own at least one of them, we also advise investors to look beyond them.

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