Hi Pat, I recently bought Canadian Tire’s voting shares, symbol CTC, by mistake instead of the non-voting shares you recommend, symbol CTC.A. Do you recommend CTC shares? And could you explain the difference? Many thanks.

Canadian Tire Corp., Toronto symbols CTC.A, $71.75, and CTC, $86.00 (Shares outstanding: 81.1 million; Market cap: $5.9 billion; www.canadiantire.ca), has two classes of shares: The common shares (symbol CTC) carry one vote per share and the class A shares (symbol CTC.A) are non-voting. Investors can… Read More

Hi: What do you think of Biglari Holdings?

Biglari Holdings, $374.00, symbol BH on New York (Shares outstanding: 1.4 million; Market cap: $523.6 million; www.biglariholdings.com), is a holding company that operates a number of different businesses. Its strategy is to keep expanding by reinvesting cash generated from its subsidiaries into new investments.

Right now,… Read More

Hi Pat: Would you please share your thoughts on Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia? May I take this opportunity to thank you for all useful advice over the past few years? I particularly like your new TSI Network email update service.

Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Inc., $5.62, symbol MSO on New York (Shares outstanding: 54.7 million; Market cap: $309.2 million), creates original information and products for homemakers. It specializes in lifestyle topics, such as cooking, gardening, crafts and household maintenance.

Martha Stewart, a well-known caterer, author… Read More